Coming Back

So, after what has been a very long hiatus of more than 3 1/2 years, I am back. Not only am I back but having, in the interim, officially changed my name to Crimson Manta, I now feel it’s time for me to make improper use of this website; to that end, I will be […]

An Ode to STDs and Anal Sex

Good afternoon Monika dear, I’ve news that you now need to hear, My results have arrived, I’m not only alive, But I’ve also received the all clear! So now come and lend me your ear. I promise there’s nothing to fear. If your arse is still willing, To take a large filling, Then it’s time […]

Easter Week

Lots of sleep and lots of fun! Spent most of the weekend at home in the company of Angel DeVille & Monika Demoniq. But did venture out on Sunday night to Domina, which was thoroughly enjoyable.