Fetish apparel

I am agent for Max Kane Couture.

Max has been designing and making costumes and accessories for the entertainment industry and related media for many years, specialising in leather and metal designs for stage and screen.

He has designed and made costumes for many well-known films, including Gladiator, 300, Troy, Alexander, Solomon Kane and Iron Clad, to name but a few.

He has made many diverse bespoke costumes for hire companies providing theatre, advertising media, etc. These have included: Western costumes, Native American & Inuit, Tudor, English Civil War, Zulu, science fiction and fantasy and a leather samurai costume including helmet and mask.

Max is considered to be one of the world’s finest makers of re-creation medieval footwear.

He has been commissioned to design and make replica costumes, armour and weapons for historical documentaries on various TV channels, including Channel 4, BBC2, The History Channel & The Discovery Channel.

His exceptional range of skills, talent and vision has resulted in him making some very unusual items, including clown shoes for a Victorian circus company, re-skinning drums for historical reconstruction musicians, making gladiatorial costumes for a promotional shoot of the England Rugby Squad for the Sunday Times, and a dress made of recycled coke cans for a recycling campaign featuring the model and TV presenter Nell McAndrew.

Max is an avid supporter of recycling, upcycling and ensuring where possible that all his materials are ethically sourced. To this end, Max also specialises in customizing existing clothing to make it uniquely your own.

His outfits and accessories are also popular with the discerning fetish night-life who are looking to stand out from the crowd. Max sources his leathers and components on a worldwide basis and endeavours not to replicate any item, with all his products showing a uniqueness and individuality designed to appeal to those looking for something truly special.

Max specialises in leather and metal scale armour, leather plate and metal armour including prop and reconstruction weaponry, chain mail, ring mail and moulded leather.

Max is available for bespoke work, and a range of his former designs can be found on his website at www.maxkanecouture.com

His fetish clothing and accessories can be purchased directly from him or me, or from his shops on Etsy or eBay.